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Our Team
The administration members of the TDRURA would love to hear from you, any information or queries will be able to be found by easily contacting any of the proud staff that can be found below. The TDRURA strive to uphold the high standards set by the men that founded the TDRURA and we look forward to hearing from you.
Ben Maher

Mobile: 0422 631 844

Vice - President
Brendan Martin
Treasurer / IT Manager
Steph Dermody
Secretary & Uniforms
Greg Cottier
Blue Card Registrar
Greg Cottier
Appointments Officer 
Ross Neal
Management Committee Member
Kieran Keyes
Management Committee Member
Peter Montgomery
Referee Development Team - Lead
Kieran Keyes

Development Officer

Referee Education - Lead
Chyna Crossley

Education Officer

Referee Development Team
Grant Whiteford

Game Facilitator Developer

Referee Development Team
Barry Dermody

Community / Performance Developer

Referee Education
Andrew Henningsen

Assistant Education Officer

Radio Communications Manager
Barry Dermody

On-field Communication Officer

Mobile: 0411 201 017


Social Media Manager
Clancy Blacklock

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


Nerolie Mills


Mobile: 0412 440 449


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